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About Viaggio

Inspired by their passion for Old World European architecture and enjoyment of researching authentic architectural details, Viaggio was created by Bill and Jill Maul. After building their own home in Ravenna, they came to see an opportunity; an opportunity to help other home buyers by sharing their experience, knowledge, and research of architectural styles and passion for building. 

With nearly thirty years experience in Colorado’s homebuilding industry, Bill offers knowledge and experience. Jill’s expertise in retailing, merchandising, design and real estate brings added value to Viaggio. Together they are a formidable team, offering different perspectives to a shared vision. 

By limiting their work to a few fortunate homes each year, Viaggio provides the highest level of service and works one-on-one with each homeowner to create a true one of-a-kind masterpiece. As evidenced by their award winning personal residence within the gates of Ravenna, Bill and Jill have a very unique eye for detail, elements and techniques. They expect unparalleled craftsmanship and are committed to excellence in all that they build. 

Come begin your small journey with Viaggio. When Viaggio builds your dream home, their success is measured by your satisfaction, your enjoyment of the total experience and by exceeding the expectations for your new home.

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